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cuddy n : the galley or pantry of a small ship

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  1. a cabin, for the use of the captain, in the after part of a sailing ship under the poop deck
  2. a small cupboard or closet

Etymology 2

A blend of cousin and buddy


  1. friends, pals, mates.

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This article is about a particular watercraft structure. For information about the character from the TV series House, see Lisa Cuddy.
A Cuddy is a small cabin in a boat. A Cuddy boat is a boat with a small cabin with maybe a small galley and small head. It may have a small berth also. Normally the Cuddy is not tall enough to stand in. "Cuddy Cabin", while a redundant term (Cuddy itself means cabin), is a common term among small boaters.
A Cuddy boat is popular with people who want a little shelter and storage space but do not want to upgrade to a full cabin boat.
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